West Side / Dyer Ave. Parking Update

Last night, Motorcycle Parking was on the agenda for Manhattan’s Community Board 4 (CB4) Transportation Planning Committee after the abrupt removal of the traditional motorcycle parking on the Dyer Ave. triangle at W35th st. Members of the NYMSTF as well as local riders, residents, and business owners attended to express their opinions and resolve to address motorcycle parking issues.

Jesse Erlbaum spoke and provided the following presentation: West Side Parking Dyer

The following was resolved:

  • Request DOT implement the three motorcycle only parking locations approved in June 2010 but never implemented
    • Southwest corner of W22nd St. & 7th Ave., 28’ or 7 motorcycle &
      scooter spaces. (#1 in handout)
    • Northwest corner of W28th St. & 8th Ave., 24’ or 6 motorcycle &
      scooter spaces. (#2 in handout)
    • 38th st. E of 9th Ave., starting 15’ from the fire hydrant, 24’ or 6
      motorcycle & scooter spaces. (#7 in handout)
  • Request DOT implement two new motorcycle only parking locations:
    • 520 9th Ave. North of bicycle rack. Room for 8 motorcycles. (#4 in handout)
    • 9th Ave., S of 40th st., West side, north of bicycle rack. Room for 7 motorcycles. (#5 in handout)
  • Request to PANYNJ to implement motorcycle only parking North of Dyer Plaza Triangle, across 36th st., suggested by ChekPeds. Room for 12 motorcycles & scooters. Currently Port Authority property; raised, curbed area. (#9 in handout)
  • Request DOT to implement motorcycle only parking at the endcaps of every bicycle corral where striped space is created but there is no room for a car.

The above was approved by all board members, save one abstention and one vote against. We’ll post the full text of the resolution when it becomes available.

Next, the Transportation Planning Committee will present their resolution to the full CB4 board for approval, Wednesday, June 5, 6:30 p.m. 119 Ninth Avenue (betw. 17th and 18th Sts), Fulton Auditorium. This will also be a public hearing and it will be important for riders to come to show their support for the resolution. Finally, it will be up to the DOT to execute the community’s wishes and establish these parking areas.

Action Alert! Motorcycle Parking on Dyer Ave. and Midtown West

Community Board Meeting
Wednesday, May 15, 2013
6:30 p.m.

Community Board 4
Transportation Planning Committee
Geffner House Piano Room
351 W. 42nd Street, Manhattan

As promised, the New York Motorcycle & Scooter Task Force has gotten the Dyer Ave. Triangle / Midtown West parking situation on the agenda for CB4.

Last week, motorcycle parking on the Dyer Ave. triangle at W36th street was dismantled with just 24 hours’ notice to riders.

We fear that loss of this sanctioned motorcycle parking zone will lead to a switch to more automobiles, or to parking their two-wheelers on sidewalks, as they try to avoid being knocked over by cars. In September, 2010, Manhattan Community Board 4 (CB4, which represents this area) resolved for end-of-block motorcycle-only parking at three locations, to resolve the problem of two-wheelers getting knocked over, and to create “daylighting” visibility for pedestrians and cyclists. Unfortunately DOT refused to implement these spots.

Our suggestion is that the following action be requested by CB4 resolution and promptly implemented by DOT:

  1. Change in parking regulation for the two identified zones (520 9th Ave. and 462 9th Ave), to clearly posted “Motorcycle Parking Only” signage.
  2. Further request to DOT to implement the zones approved by CB4 in 2010
  3. Identification of additional zones in the vicinity of Dyer ave triangle, sufficient to accommodate about 15 additional vehicles (approximately 60 feet of curb space).

Here’s what you can do to get back parking for your motorcycle or scooter.

1. Show up and be prepared to speak about your needs for parking in the neighborhood. Be on time, polite, clear, and brief. Explain how you live, work, or shop in the area, and what your transportation options are (or aren’t). How many miles per gallon do you get, how much room do you need to park, how often do the trains run when you get off work? When riders in the community speak, representatives listen.

2. Help us get the word out. We need you to forward this e-mail to a friend who rides. It’s the only effective way for us to reach motorcyclists.

3. Be prepared. Help us scout out alternative parking spots for motorcycles and scooters. Reply to this e-mail and we’ll hook up with you to photograph and document potential spots. We need help putting together a package of pictures, diagrams, and resolutions for the committee to outline our program. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. This is your parking – now’s your chance to fight for it!

Petition DOT for Motorcycle-Only Parking on the West Side

Action Alert!
Motorcycle-Only Parking
in the West Village & Hell’s Kitchen

Community Boards 2 and 4 in Manhattan have approved of eleven motorcycle- and scooter-only parking spots throughout the West Village and Hell’s Kitchen. However, the NYC DOT has refused to implement all but two of them. The NYMSTF is trying to put the pressure on DOT to install the signage that New York’s communities have voted for.

We need you to write the Commissioner of the DOT and request that the motorcycle-only pilot parking program be implemented.

1. E-mail NYC DOT Commissioner Jeanette Sadik-Khan  jsadikkhan@dot.nyc.gov and Manhattan DOT Commissioner Margaret Forgione mforgione@dot.nyc.gov

2. Write the commissioner a letter:

Margaret Forgione
Manhattan Borough Commissioner
59 Maiden Lane, 35th Floor
New York, New York  10038

3. Tell your friends and fellow riders about it by giving them this link or sharing it on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. (links at top of page)

Edit the message below to your liking but remain respectful:

Dear Commissioner,

Please promptly implement the motorcycle parking pilot areas that have already been approved by Manhattan Community Boards 2 and 4.

Motorcycles and scooters are a practical and efficient means of transportation and are an essential element of mobility and logistics in the modern urban environment.


Free Muni-Meter Parking Action Alert

Free Motorcycle Parking at Muni-Meters – It Can Happen with Your Help!

There is proposed City Council legislation to exempt scooters and motorcycles from paying at Muni-Meters. No more wondering where to put your ticket. No more summonses. No more velcro’ed license plates. Finally: a real solution to parking at meters that were designed only for cars.

We need your help!
The legislation, Int 0860-2012, was proposed by Peter Vallone Jr. of Queens. You can read the text here.

1. Call the bill’s sponsors and tell them you support Int-0860-2012. Tell them you live, work, or shop in their area and that it is a great solution for the constant threat of Muni-Meter violations for motorcycles.

2. Write your city councilman and members of the transportation
committee in support of this bill. You can find your council member’s name and contact information at http://tinyurl.com/nyccouncilmember.

Peter F. Vallone, Jr. 
718-274-4500 e-mail (D) district 22 Astoria, Long Island City; parts of Jackson Heights, Rikers, Randalls and Wards Islands 
Deborah L. Rose
718-556-7370 e-mail (D) district 49, SI St. George, Tompkinsville, Stapleton, Snug Harbor, Livingston, New Brighton, Randall Manor, West Brighton, Silver Lake, Clove Lakes, Westerleigh, Clifton, Concord, Rosebank, Port Richmond, Elm Park, Mariners Harbor
Daniel J. Halloran III 718-631-6703 e-mail (R/C/I/L) district 19, College Point, Whitestone, Beechurst, Bayside, Little Neck
Eric A. Ulrich 718-738-1083 e-mail (R), district 32 Belle Harbor, Breezy Point, Broad Channel, Hamilton Beach, Howard Beach, Lindenwood, Neponsit, Ozone Park, Rockaway Beach, Rockaway Park, South Ozone Park, South Richmond Hill, Woodhaven

The bill isn’t scheduled for a public hearing yet, but as soon as it is we’ll contact you and solicit your help in telling your councilmember that you’re tired of the tickets, and that motorcycles and scooters are part of the solution to reducing congestion in NYC.

If you know of other ways to help get this legislation passed, tell us in the forum or reply to this e-mail.

Winter Motorcycle Storage

Winter Storage
snowy bike
For those of you who aren’t 12-month commuters, you’ll need to find a place to stow your bike for hibernation. We’ve surveyed some local shops to give you a pricing guide. At minimum, you’ll get an indoor or outdoor spot for your bike. Some offer added services like battery tending, fluid top-offs, oil changes, and a spring cleaning/detailing.Brooklyn Moto, N Williamsburg $400 Nov-Mar or Dec-Apr
Brooklyn Motor Works, Red Hook: $120/mo
Cycle Therapy, East Harlem: $129/mo, free pickup
Dymond Motorsports – Eastchester, Bronx $70/mo
Machina Cycles, Park Slope – $125/mo Dec-Apr, w/outlet
Motogrrl, Williamsburg – $100-$175/mo, winterization available
Primoto, Long Island City – $150/mo w/tender, gear storage
Rockwell Cycles – $350 Nov-Apr w/outlet
Speer Yamaha, Passaic NJ, $45/mo + $95 prep, winterization
Works Engineering, N Williamsburg, $125/moIf there’s anyone else out there, add it to our Shop Database!

Still, be aware that a 4-month break from riding will absolutely dull your skills. Take it from the local government of Devon, U.K.

Secret Life of Bikers: Hibernation
Secret Life of Bikers: Hibernation

The November newsletter will have Winter Riding Tips for those of you ready to brave the cold.