About the NYMSTF

The New York Motorcycle & Scooter Task Force is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to improving safety, parking, awareness, education, advocacy, and licensing for motorcycle and scooter riders; to reduce injuries and fatalities; to increase citizen and government awareness of the presence, needs, and rights of riders; to educate motorcyclists and the public about riding.

While our focus is within metropolitan New York, our activities include local, statewide, national, and international efforts to meet our goals.

P.O. Box 20111
Brooklyn, NY 11202
(347) 410-6783


The NYMSTF was founded in 2009 following the loss of Manhattan’s last motorcycle parking area near South Street Seaport, the removal of motorcycle-friendly language from Mayor Bloomberg’s failed congestion pricing plan, increased harassment from the NYPD and the New York State Police, continued misappropriation of our safety funds and the introduction of NYC Council legislation that could have literally outlawed motorcycles altogether.