Action Alert! Motorcycle Parking on Dyer Ave. and Midtown West

Community Board Meeting
Wednesday, May 15, 2013
6:30 p.m.

Community Board 4
Transportation Planning Committee
Geffner House Piano Room
351 W. 42nd Street, Manhattan

As promised, the New York Motorcycle & Scooter Task Force has gotten the Dyer Ave. Triangle / Midtown West parking situation on the agenda for CB4.

Last week, motorcycle parking on the Dyer Ave. triangle at W36th street was dismantled with just 24 hours’ notice to riders.

We fear that loss of this sanctioned motorcycle parking zone will lead to a switch to more automobiles, or to parking their two-wheelers on sidewalks, as they try to avoid being knocked over by cars. In September, 2010, Manhattan Community Board 4 (CB4, which represents this area) resolved for end-of-block motorcycle-only parking at three locations, to resolve the problem of two-wheelers getting knocked over, and to create “daylighting” visibility for pedestrians and cyclists. Unfortunately DOT refused to implement these spots.

Our suggestion is that the following action be requested by CB4 resolution and promptly implemented by DOT:

  1. Change in parking regulation for the two identified zones (520 9th Ave. and 462 9th Ave), to clearly posted “Motorcycle Parking Only”¬†signage.
  2. Further request to DOT to implement the zones approved by CB4 in 2010
  3. Identification of additional zones in the vicinity of Dyer ave triangle, sufficient to accommodate about 15 additional vehicles (approximately 60 feet of curb space).

Here’s what you can do to get back parking for your motorcycle or scooter.

1. Show up and be prepared to speak about your needs for parking in the neighborhood. Be on time, polite, clear, and brief. Explain how you live, work, or shop in the area, and what your transportation options are (or aren’t). How many miles per gallon do you get, how much room do you need to park, how often do the trains run when you get off work? When riders in the community speak, representatives listen.

2. Help us get the word out. We need you to forward this e-mail to a friend who rides. It’s the only effective way for us to reach motorcyclists.

3. Be prepared. Help us scout out alternative parking spots for motorcycles and scooters. Reply to this e-mail and we’ll hook up with you to photograph and document potential spots. We need help putting together a package of pictures, diagrams, and resolutions for the committee to outline our program. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. This is your parking – now’s your chance to fight for it!