No Hose? No Driveway? No Problem!

The NYMSTF is sick and tired of looking at your grimy motorcycle. Give it a bath, already! Urban dwellers who don’t have access to suburban amenities like a hose and driveway can check out our new directory of do-it-yourself carwash bays and motorcycle-friendly hand-wash services. If you know of more, you can even add a new listing!


 Most of these locations are Do-It-Yourself washes: they offer a coin-operated powered sprayer that shoots out soapy water with a spinning brush, and then just water for the rinse. Expect to pay about $4 for every 8-minute session. Bring a sponge, since the power sprayer is often pretty gritty and could scratch your bike; just let the sprayer spray while scrubbing the bike by hand. There are limited facilities, so you will want to bring your own:

  • specialty brushes
  • chamois/towels for drying
  • detailing spray
  • gloves
  • chain lube (for reapplying what was washed off)

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