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Other Motorcycle Rights Organizations and Clubs

American Motorcyclist Association
ABATE of New York

Long Island ABATE

Motorcycle Riders Foundation

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

New York Freedom Riders

Community & Politics

NYC Council Web Site
NYC Community Boards

NYC Police Precincts

Laws & Legislation

NYC Council Legislation Search Site
NYS DMV Motorcycle Manual MV-21 MC

New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law
  (click on the ‘VAT’ link!)
New York Codes, Rules & Regulations

New York City Administrative Code
  (click on the ‘ADC’ link!)
Rules & Codes of the City of New York
  (aka NYC Municipal Code)
New York City Parking Violations

Noise Control Act of 1972
  (U.S. Code Title 42 Chapter 65)
CFR Title 40 Part 205
  (Transportation Equipment Noise Emission Controls)
EPA Label Visibility Compliance Survey

CFR Title 49 Part 571
  (Standard 218 – Motorcycle Helmets)
Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  (also seeNYS Supplement
NYC DOT Street Design Manual

NYS DMV Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations CR-79
  (motorcycles in section 79.28)
1/23/08 amendment to above, CR-79UP  (updates to 79.28 on page 51)
Find DMV-Regulated Businesses by ZIP or County
  (inspection stations, repair shops, etc.)
Class Action Against Motorcycle Checkpoints by Proner Law

Safety Resources and Legal Assistance

Help! They’re All Out To Get Me!
Proner & Proner Attorneys at Law

Law Enforcement Discrimination Complaint Form

New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board

AMA’s Think-Ride Campaign

The AmericanMotorcyclist Channel on YouTube

Big Apple Motorcycle School
(NYMSP approved!)

Popular Culture References

South Park – The F-Word  (subject: motorcycle noise)
Sons of Anarchy – South Park Edit
  (watch The F-Word first!)