Muni-Meters for Scooters & Motorcycles

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All over NYC, mechanical parking meters are being replaced by “pay and display” Muni-Meters. Cars display their parking receipt on the dashboard of their locked vehicles.

What about motorcycles and scooters?

Problems for motorcycles:

  • Receipt is at risk for theft or weather damage.
  • Can be ticketed for displaying receipt in location not noticed by officer.
  • Charged same price for 36 inches of parking space as a 16 foot SUV.

NYC DOT’s solution, not published on their website, is for riders to obtain a plastic pouch for display on the windshield. Call the DOT Pre-Paid Parking Card Unit to request a pouch at (718) 786-2513.
Muni-Meters were not designed to accommodate motorcycles, period. NYC has refused to offer a reasonable solution for our congestion-reducing, fuel-efficient vehicles.

NYC Administrative Code §19-214, allows you to keep your receipt in your wallet and submit it as proof to automatically get Muni-Meter violations dismissed. If you get a ticket, present a copy of the receipt in your defense by mail, in person or online.

NYC Council proposed bill Int 0860-2012 would allow motorcycles and
scooters to park FREE at Muni-Meters. Help us get this legislation passed! Write
your city councilman and members of the transportation committee in support
of this bill. Explain that it is a great solution for the constant threat of Muni-
Meter violations for motorcycles. You can find your council member’s name and
contact information here.