Collision Case Calendar

Motorcycle Case Calendar

The NYMSTF Case Calendar is meant to help concerned citizens track the cases of motorists accused of killing or gravely injuring motorcycle or scooter riders due to impairment, distraction, unlicensed or other illegal operation of their automobiles or trucks.  We urge everyone to follow these cases and if possible, attend court proceedings.  Take a peaceful stand, helmets in hand, and let the judges and prosecuters know that the riders of motorcycles and scooters are not second-class citizens.  Vehicular manslaughter and homicide is no accident.

Wednesday February 1 2012
Randy Cruz is charged with DWI, leaving the scene of an accident, second degree vehicular manslaughter and reckless manslaughter for a collision which killed motorcyclist Kastriot Prelaj and left Prelaj’s passenger with a broken leg.  Cruz was quickly freed on $10,000 bail and pled not guilty on his September 28 arraignment. NY Supreme CourtCriminal Term Part 51100 Centre Street,

Room 1324, NYC

Wednesday February 1 2011
Eliyyas Northern was arrested for DWI after becoming entangled with a prior fatal collision involving motorcyclist Kastriot Prelaj.  Police subsequently arrested Randy Cruz for initially striking Prelaj.  News articles such as the one below regarding the nature of Northern’s alleged involvement are reportedly not accurate and news agencies have failed to issue corrections. NY Criminal Court Part E, 100 Centre Street


Friday January 6 2012 11:00am
Ernest Demetrius Cohens remains in custody on more than three dozen charges including vehicular homicide, unlicensed operation and hit-and-run when his illegal U-turn on PA 309 resulted in the death of Terry Kriebel.  In a separate case, Cohens was subsequently charged for possession of child pornography on his cellphone. PA Court of Common Pleas – Montgomery County – Norristown, 2 East Airy Street, Courtroom 4


Tuesday January 3 2012 – Sentencing
Naisha Sutton is accused of class D felony hit and run and unlicensed operation when her illegal left turn resulted in the death of Ronen Katz.  She remains free on bail and pled guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge on 11/1/2011. NY Criminal Court Part B, 100 Centre Street, NYC


We encourage people to track cases of interest independently as well.  In New York, the eCourts system may be used for free by anyone to view court case status and sign up for automated email updates via eTrack.  In PA, look up cases in the UJS WebPortal.  NJ Criminal Court is not on-line yet.


Related articles showing the unpredictable justice when motorcycle or scooter riders die


Eugene Metzger found guilty in death of Magen Porter, injuries to Jamie Wilt, sentencing Jan 18 2012

Wilt committed suicide 7 months after Magen’s death.  Metzger’s attorney hired an “expert” witness – retired state trooper Kevin Forcier – who attempted to blame Wilt for the collision. Metzger was found guilty of homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence, aggravated assault while DUI, DUI, involuntary manslaughter, and recklessly endangering other persons.  His blood alcohol content was over .205% after the collision, or more than twice the legal limit.


Adam Greenberg to serve 2 to 6 years for impaired and reckless driving in death of Dimitrios Kazanas

Greenberg pled guilty to all felony charges and was sentenced on September 16 2011 for killing Dimitrios Kazanas and critically injuring Gary Quinlan.  The investigation was hampered by the NYPD prematurely destroying Greenberg’s vehicle before it could be examined for evidence.


Shamel Campbell gets  2-1/2 to 7 years for DWI hit-and-run death of Dwan Gonzalez

Campbell was sentenced and incarcerated May 2011 on 2nd degree vehicular manslaughter charges.  He was found guilty of DWI, leaving the scene of an accident and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.


Daniel Levens freed on $500 bail and let off with $500 fine for DWI in death of Brian Sitarevich

What you won’t see covered in the news media is that Levens’ felony DWI charge was dropped and police never charged him with failure to yield right of way.  He pleaded guilty to the remaining misdemeanor and infraction charges on 4/15/2010 and was sentenced on 1/13/2011.  He paid less than $900 in fines and surcharges was referred to a drinking driver program.


Richard Contreras sentenced 3-1/2 to 10 years for DWI hit and run death of Jiangiu Chen


Suspicions remain in the death of scooter rider Aileen McKay-Dalton; investigation is closed


No charges for truck driver whose stop sign violation killed Sharon Bien


Upstate driver only ticketed for running red light in death of Tom Althoff


Outside the NYC metro area:


Senator Carl Koella gets highway in his name after hand-slap in fatal hit-and-run of Terry Barnard


Congressman Bill Janklow’s law license restored after hand-slap and civil immunity in second degree manslaughter conviction in the death of Randy Scott


Andrew Schlichtemeier sentenced to 50 years for four motorcyclists’ deaths


Paul Sermons gets life for DUI manslaughter in deaths of four motorcycle riders


Michael Jakscht kills 4 motorcyclists and seriously injures 5 while allegedly on meth, free after mistrial


Frank Kuilman gets 3-6 years on DWI and vehicular manslaughter charges for death of Ivan Furdey